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    November 2, 2012
    2:05 - 3:00am PDT  

>> from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. welcome to thirsty thursday. it feel like the first day of november. >> it is chilly. >> temperatures have really dropped. i feel for everybody who is still without power. >> the funny thing, usually with tropical storms when you cover them or whatever, you're wearing like warm summer clothes. and this is the first time ever that i felt a tropical storm coupled with the cold weather and it just changes the whole game for people who are hurting.
we do have good news, though. >> we do. we keep hearing the heartbreaking stores. they come in. but our own matt lauer, he called up steve burke our ceo at comcast and said may i have an hour of primetime tomorrow night at 8:00? because i'm going to call some friends. and he called bruce springsteen and billy joel and jon bon jovi and christina aguilera and alicia keys and a whole group of people. and guess what? one solid hour of a music extravaganza. and it will be across the platform. no commercials. >> we're talking about bravo and all the networks. >> uninterrupted. and instead of a telethon, it will just have the red cross phone number at the bottom. you call up and in that hour all the money will go to the hurricane victims. so tomorrow at 8:00.
>> it's not just a smart thing to do, it's a right thing to do. and i'm really proud of our guys. so everybody tune in, okay? >> social media, it's funny when this matters. because when you lose power and any kind of communication, things like twitter become important. it's weird because even when we were -- >> it's the only thing you have. >> i remember thinking we don't have a radio, this wasn't working. >> how come you didn't have a radio? you always have to have a radio, hoda woman. >> i forgot it. can't keep track of everything. we have twitter and it's a lifesaver. but anyway, for a lot of people, even people trapped or who are looking for someone, a lot of people are posting things. and joanne, one of our producers, she was -- she saw a host from a high school friend of someone looking for their mother. said we haven't been able to track down my mom. another high school friend saw the facebook post, went to the house, hadn't seen the person it in 40 years since elementary school or something.
and she went to the mom's house, rang the door bell, saw her, put on facebook your mom's okay. >> can you imagine? >> yeah. it's a lot. >> it's awesome. and apparently a lot of kids are trying to get in on this. there's a little 11-year-old girl who realized that some people don't have power and so she set up a little internet cafe, right, in hoboken. her name is lucy. her dad helped her establish a pop up internet cafe charging station. >> put out like strips kind of. and people can plug their stuff in. and people are putting those things out everywhere by the way. so there are lots of attentions getting a lot of media attention and then there will are a lot of neighborhoods that aren't getting the media attention that need help. they need foot, water. tammy, what's your neighborhood? >> new providence, new jersey. >> our senior producer lives there and this is one of those
places where this is around the time where if even you got everything right, you have water, you have food, now we're talking about thursday already. >> tammy's got a 6-month-old and running out of formula. >> yeah. that's one of the spots they need the fema and red cross trucks. >> long island as well. >> but obviously the news organizations, they see the most devastating pictures but that doesn't tell the whole story at all. so everybody keep taking good care of your neighbors. one thing, i think mayor bloomberg has done a terrific job. but i do not agree with his decision this coming sunday to hold the marathon. i just wish we could have waited one week. i know they want to bring -- they want to keep going. that can-do spirit. it's important. but it's almost impossible to get around this city now, much less i don't know how 30,000 more people will get in. i don't know where they will stay. you cannot get a hotel room right now.
you can't get any gas anywhere basically. and all the restaurants are completely packed because people have to go out. >> and the beautiful thing about this marathon is it goes through all the boroughs. and they were saying it wasn't going through the devastated areas, but it starts from staten island which is not getting a lot of media attention, but is a terribly devastated area. and then supposed to snake around. i get why he's doing it. i guess the idea of why and i agree. >> to bring more commerce again into the city which we need. i just wish we could have delayed it a week. >> yeah. anyway, that's the way it will be. >> honestly, if you can avoid coming into new york on sunday, you will be very grateful to us because it is one of the worst days of the entire year anyway if you're not involved in that race. coupled with everything else right now. >> and there is some progress. we always say they talked about thousands more people have gotten power on, subway service is starting to work. >> a train came in from connecticut.
>> yeah. so there are baby steps we're making. especially if you're one of the ones without power, if you see other people getting it, you're wondering when is our turn. the election has taken a back seat to this whole thing for most people. there's a little girl, she was in the back of her car and her mom had the radio on and it was all politics and she couldn't stand it, this 4-year-old was screaming uncle. watch her. >> uncle, uncle! i'm tired of obama and mitt romney. >> what's why you're crying? oh, it will be over soon, abby, okay? >> the election will be over soon, okay? >> okay. >> she called it bronco bama. >> she's an independent. i feel like she does. >> apparently they were listening to npr at the time and the people went to her house and
apologized with a t-shirt. they said they were sorry. and there's another picture of her like with her t-shirt. >> well, there's good news if you do have power, you can watch a horror flick because that can lead to weight loss. so if you're trying to find something to do that's positive at home. >> get this. if you're sitting watching a horror movie, it is the equivalent of the calories you would burn if you walked for half an hour. >> and one of them is the most, the most calories burned would be "the shining." they say it's because your heartbeat gets up so high. but if you've seen the movie before -- >> you know what's coming. the second one is "jaws." >> yeah. 151 calories apparently. >> jaws used to look scary, but now -- >> now it looks electric. >> you can't believe you were ever afraid of it. >> the one that always scared me is "the exorcist." 158 calories.
and what about "silence of the lambs"? oh, that's terrifying. >> one of those movies i wish i i had never seen. >> so if you like music, everyone's got -- most people have an ipod. >> i like good music. >> some people have a walkman. but if you have an ipod, president obama was interviewed by a cincinnati station. this what is he has on his ipod. stevie wonder, a little james brown, rolling stones, a little bob dylan. and some eminem. and miles davis. and the fugees. >> eclectic. >> he has a mixed bag. >> what does governor romney listen to? >> i don't know. i'm not sure what he listens to. >> i wonder if he has one? ♪ [ hail to the chief brgz chief ]
>> we'll wait until tomorrow i think to have your ipod things up. that's what i was told. >> why? >> because we had so little time today. that's what i was told. is that true? >> that's true. >> that's a bummer. >> not really. >> i had one that you were going to love. all right. >> i don't know. i don't make these decisions, hoda woman. >> so coming up, men and their moms. we'll tell you how to deal with the other women in their lives. >> and what do they look like now? the results of our ambush makeovers. >> these are very familiar. who's cooking at our house. >> but first these messages. but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose. thanks. [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold tth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! [ male announcer ] try new alka-seltzer plus severe allergy to treat allergy symptoms plus sinus congestion and pain.
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ever loved obviously. >> and they probably want that kind of i would imagine nurturing. >> it's true. it's the relationship that sort of sets the tone for all the relationships that he has moving forward. so what she gave him sort of in the beginning really sort of sets the patterns that he'll enact with you his partner moving forward. >> poor cody. i feel for him. >> not everybody adores their mother. so this could be a good thing or bad thing. i always heard you find a man who loves his mother and he'll be good to you. is there any truth to that? >> well, i think there is. because if you're with a man who likes their mother, it really trains them to like women. and if they care about what their mother thinks, although the girlfriend or wife may think that's a bad thing, in some ways it's a good thing because they want to feel connected and bonded to the woman in their life. and that's a positive. >> well, getting along is subjective, i guess. some people tolerate and some people really bond. what's the right way to go if
it's not a terrific relationship? >> i think it has to be based on mutual respect and loving -- the mother loving the son and you loving her son, as well. >> common ground. >> you love the same person and it can't be a competitive love. it's not -- you can't make your man choose sides because you're setting everyone up to lose in that situation. >> and you could just look for the good in the mom. maybe you don't like some things about her, but obviously there's some things your husband loves. >> and also you have to remember that this woman raised the man that you fell in love with. >> so she did something right. >> right. and she shaped his love nest. so part of the reason why he chose you is because in some ways you felt familiar to him. so if you can reframe it and not get lost in the negativity, it can be very helpful. because it's so easy to get lost in one's rightness. >> the hardest part is when the mother keeps trying to be the mother in spite of the fact that the man is now a grown up human being and has a wife and a separate relationship and it's natural to resent her coming in
and basically trying to run the show. >> and let's face it, some mother-in-laws are not nice or likeable. so you may not like them appropriately so. >> so what do you to with them? >> i think it's really up to the man in that situation to stand up to his mother. it's important that he be a grownup. >> they're a mommy's boy sometimes. >> you say you have your own relationship with your mother. sometimes a woman and take a break and say, i may not want to have a friendship or lovy dovy relationship with this woman but i know you want to. and that's okay sometimes. and sometimes put your foot do you have and say i don't want to spend every holiday with your mother. can we take a little bit of a break. >> a lot of mom bashing going on here. i don't get it. >> i'm an advocate. >> i live in a real world where i see people struggling with why do we have to go to your mother's for thanksgiving, can't we once in a while -- >> but sometimes you go because you're sacrificing, right?
>> that's what love is, but how many people really love like that, hoda woman? just me i guess. >> if you have your own relationship with your partner's mother, maybe you learn about a new side of her and you develop your own unique relationship with her, that's the best case scenario. >> what if there is jealousy. >> the mom's jealous or the wife doesn't like all the attention that the son is placing on the mom, what's the right way to handle something like that? . >> i mean, i think you should be up front and honest, but still gentle and respectful. i think you express it maybe less to the mom and more to your partner so that he is clued in what you're feeling. any think that you sort of fester with will really blow up in everyone's faces later on. >> and just to remind yourself there really is a place for two kinds of love. the love for a mother and love for a partner is very different and there can be room for both. but you're right, it really does depend on the husband or boyfriend in this situation to
navigate appropriately. >> let's get some takeaway tip. just because people like to remember things from our segments. find something you like about his mom. that's one. >> and small as it may be. maybe it's just you like her nail polish. >> live on the nails. >> believe it or not, that shift can change everything. people respond to how you feel about them. so even though it's something small it can really have a huge dynamic shift. at least temporarily. >> ask her about herself it seems to me. a lot of people, especially if the mother has lost her partner, it was mother-in-law day last week and out of the blue, frank sent my mom a beautiful bouquet of flowers and she sobbed all day long. >> wow. that's beautiful. >> go figure. but i didn't even know. but it valued her. >> that day got forgotten in my house. just something kind you wouldn't think about doing ordinarily. >> all right, ladies.
>> wasn't there another tip somewhere? >> i don't know. >> frank -- we got married in october and his mother died a month later. 26 years ago. and frank has always said that i killed his mother. we have great thanksgivings. >> i knew we should have wrapped early. nobody listens. >> it's a howl and a growl. we have one thrill of a ride video. >> and new looks revealed. >> i told you, wrap it when it's time to wrap it. ♪ a portion of every bottle that they sell goes to fight ♪ ♪ breast cancer and i think that's swell. ♪ ♪ the more you take, the more they'll pay, ♪ ♪ so make them write a big check today. ♪
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it is time for lovely sara to dig up the next video. and this will put a smile on your face.
>> we certainly hope so. as usual, we've gone to the dogs. with a pup-filled parody of michael jackson's classic video "thriller." >> i love this one. >> that's right, from the king of pop to the king of pup, this halloween themed video created by the pet collective. >> okay. which costume do you want to wear this year? ♪ ♪ ♪
>> come on, sweetie. >> that's cute. oh, freaky. >> there are those of us with pets who dress up our pets and those of us who don't. >> do you? >> no. >> kathy, do you? >> not really. they don't like it. i dress up frank. ? >> he used to complain. he just lets me now. >> halloween was yesterday. did anyone come? >> little kids were so excited. >> in new york what's weird, you have to sign a sheet that lets trick-or-treaters know if it's okay to come to your apartment. so i went to buy some candy and stuff.
i'm buying reesys and all this. and there are kids in dwayne reed which i love trick or treating at the drug store. and they give them the candy. >> supply and demand. >> and the stores are all places that they go. >> and the door men. >> yeah. >> i helped myself. >> thank you, sara. >> new hair, new clothes, new look. two lucky ladies, one of whom we know, show off their ambush makeovers. >> before you trot out your turkey, a fun twist on a traditional thanksgiving theme. >> and checking up on the real housewives of atlanta. you know what that means.
and we're back on this thirsty thursday with a special installment of our ambush makeover. today is a little different. we plucked one lucky lady from the crowd because that's all
that was there. and we surprised one of our staff members with a brand new look. and here to show off what they've done is our makeover team. we have lewis licari and jill austin. >> slim pickings? >> we just pretended there were thousands of people out there today. >> you used your imagination. >> but we came up with two great models, right? >> and look at kristin. she got ambushed, too. she works here. first person we have is theresa peterson, she's 51, all the way from kodiak, alaska. she didn't receive her first real haircut until she was 21. and she hasn't worn makeup for the last ten years. so she was really excited to have this glam new look. let's take a listen to her story. >> you came from alaska and thank goodness you're safe, but still a bummer. >> we've been safe, but we haven't had the opportunity to see a thing. we've been in washington, d.c. and everything was closed. so we made our way here to new york. rented a car because the trains and buses were closed. so we're here now and happy to be on the "today" show.
>> now you get to be on your favorite national show and get a makeover and it's your birthday. so happy birthday. is this a treat? >> yeah. >> that was cute. so here are her daughters, elizabeth and mckenzie. please keep your blind folds on until i ask you to take them off. here is theresa peterson before. all right. let's see the new you. >> such a great look. take off your blind folds. take them off. >> wow! all right. are you ready, mom? >> oh, my gosh. oh, this is wonderful. >> you look great. you look fantastic. >> look right at that camera. tell us about the hair, louis. >> she has a great beautiful swept away haircut. it's so pretty. i made the color a little deeper. it looks like you.
it doesn't look like it's me. and that's the most important thing about color. and accented with natural-looking makeup. >> which is wonderful. >> what do you guys think? >> it's great. i like it. >> that dress is hot. >> spot on. go, girl. >> this is really the first day where they can go out. we wanted to give her something she could really wear today. this is from london times. and the high boots you said are actually comfortable. from pay less. >> you can walk in them en. >> thank you so much. >> yes, beautiful. >> all right. our second lady is our own christine, only 23 years old from right here in new york. we just decided to surprise one of our deserving staffers. and she thought she was just helping out, but we turned the tables on her. she's right -- who's with her here? let's listen to her story.
>> old home week around here. >> we thought we would do a little differently today. we thought we would see you a little glam look for the day. what do you think? >> why not. >> are you game for anything? >> sure. >> and you were just saying, right, that she wants an ambush makeover? tell us. >> she was saying that she would love a makeover. >> oh, my gosh. >> all right. we'll give you a hot new look. are you ready for three hours for us to pamper you? >> sounds awesome. yes, i would love that. >> are you shocked? >> yes, i am. >> she's an absolute doll. she's here with all of our co-workers, brittany, sarah and betsy over there. you guys know the drill. let's take one last look at kristen before and bring out the new kristen. oh, my gosh! oh, wow. stay right there. oh, my gosh. >> take them off, you guys. kristen, you look unbelievable, honey. turn around.
>> look at you, you little sex pot. >> oh, my gosh. >> look darling. >> oh, my gosh! >> louis, you've obviously done your magic. your haircut is adorable. >> don't touch your beautiful face, sweetheart. >> her hair color, she has that light brown hair, so i went with the warmth. and she has a natural blond streak. show us where your natural blond streak is. that's her trademark. so i decided to leave it. and this is a color that will wash away over time. the hair color adds body to her hair. so she has much more texture than she ever had before. >> i love it. >> you look great. >> thank you. >> that outfit -- she's always had the cutest little body, but we never see her around here like that.
by the way, the crew is going bonkers. >> look at this body. we put her in something sexy. you can do a little sexy. so we put her in a dress. >> she's 23, she's old enough. >> yes. the dress is from andrew marks. >> let's bring out the ladies and a big round of applause for both of them. >> good job. all right. do you have a headache? it could be more than just stress or lack of sleep. some surprising triggers you might not know about right after this. [ female announcer ] today, jason is here to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits, but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve.
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man: a boy born in joplin, missouri was fascinated by anything with wheels and a motor. the odds of him going on to fascinate millions with his talent? 1 in 260,000. the odds of this born racer having 157 career top 10 finishes in nascar? 1 in 125 billion. the odds of him winning both the daytona 500 and the brickyard 400 in the same year?
1 in 195 million. the odds of a child being diagnosed with autism? 1 in 110. i'm nascar driver jamie mcmurray, and my niece has autism. learn more at today we're talking about headaches. 22 million women suffer from them and sometimes they're due to too much alcohol or skimping on sleep. but there are surprising new reasons your head can hurt. prevention magazine's deputy
editor is here to fill us in. nice to see you again. >> great to be here. >> so not always the usually culprits, huh? >> not the usual culprits. 22 million people suffer regular headaches. and there are a lot of reasons. >> sometimes it's what we eat. and when you look at this beautiful plate of hor d'oeuvres, there's something in this that's not great. >> smoked dried, aged foods like wine, cheese, smoked salmon, can cause your blood vessels to constrict. so if you're prone to headaches after you eat, keep a log. >> and red wine does it more than white wine. >> that's actually an urban myth. >> it's true in my house, honey. >> i'm used to having a couple cups of coffee a day. if i skip it one day, sometimes
i notice like a dull headache. so on the weekends oftentimes people sleep in, catch up on sleep. but you can go into caffeine withdrawal while you're sleeping and wake up with a headache. that's why we recommend that you get up at the same time every day. you should sleep in no more than an hour a day. it can throw off your circadian rhythms if you sleep in more than an hour a day. >> so get up at the same time and drink coffee like you're going to work? >> exactly. a lot of people -- >> i'm thinking about, what, go back to bed afterwards? you can't because you just had caffeine. >> looking at the computer and reeding books on computers and everything. >> that glare puts an enormous strain on the eyes. so we recommend for ten minutes every hour take a break, read something the old-fashioned way.
and when you take breaks, it helps your productivity. >> all right. what about the gas station smells? >> smells can trigger things. 2 million americans are allergic to synthetic fragrance and they don't realize it. that can be perfume, but also the smell of gas. so you can't always control the smells that you're surrounded by. so obviously if you're sensitive to fragrance don't wear perfume. >> don't go on bloomingdales during christmas season where they spray everybody. you love bloomingdales, but avoid it if you're allergic. >> absolutely. and we recommend carrying around vials of essential oils. peppermint and lavender are like tension tamers and peppermint can reduce pain. >> i like to put lavender just in my bath at night. if i'm dehydrated, sometimes your head is pounding. >> it's obviously good to hydrate. >> okay. thanks. next up, a couple of real
housewives of atlanta are here. they have a new season, some dish. they're fighting. is that what happens? uh-huh.
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we have a lovely gentleman outside our studio here. he says i walked here for power to see klg and hoda. i think we'll invite him into the studio. >> he thought he'd watch the show anyway standing outside. >> thanks for coming to see us. >> i hope he'll come into say hello. real housewives of atlanta has always been filled with drama. >> and it's gearing up to be the hottest season yet. >> two new cast measures, portia stewart and kenya moore. from the sneak peek it doesn't look like they're all getting along too well. let's take a look. >> have a nice day. >> bye. >> starting to feel crazy.
>> kenya, did you take your medicine? >> so it begins. hi, kids. >> hello, ladies. >> so you've been on the show and you're -- >> i'm brand new. >> how long is a newbie? how's that working out? >> it's always good to have new blood. we love a little spice in our gumbo down south. so they're adding a little cayenne to us. >> let's be real. you don't like her. >> that's a strong word. i'm a good christian woman. i love everybody. >> just don't hate her and you'll be all right. >> what's the tension, what's the nut of the tension this season? >> the nut, a perfect word. i would say the nut of the tension if you will is just strong personalities. >> that's what makes for a great reality series. >> exactly. and just like real life. you have girlfriends and you're not going to like everybody in the group.
and that's how it is with us. >> you have i think the highest rated franchise. everyone watches atlanta. so is that why you wanted to join this cast, did you look and see, wow, there are opportunities for me? >> absolutely. the platform is huge. it's already women on the show who are intelligent, independent. and i saw it as a way to bring attention to things that i cared about. which is giving back. my family is a family of giving back. so that's one of the main things you'll see me doing. >> and a great opportunity business-wise. >> absolutely. >> and tell us about what develops with you. >> well, i'm a budding funeral directress. so i bury anything that has no pulse. >> you want to wait until they have passed. >> so this year i'm expanding my business as you can see to animals. >> it's an animal funeral. oh, my gosh. okay.
anyway. i have regis on a shelf right at my house. the dog. not the -- well, we wish you the best. >> good luck with season five. >> real housewives of atlanta this sunday night at 9:00, 8:00 central on bravo. >> some tasty twists on your traditional feast next. first this is "today" on abc. 2@
just three weeks on to go until thanksgiving. we'll give you plenty of time to learn how to take your classic celebration to a next level. >> from a gratitude calendar to culinary tricks to spice up your pie, elaine griffin has fun ideas that will wow your guests. nice to see you. >> we have a lot of great ideas because thanksgiving is all about gratitude and how to give
thanks with great style. >> what are we sipping on? >> let's start with our cocktails. >> why not. though it could give you a headache. >> now, cider is the official beverage of fall. so we're spicing ours up for the occasion with a maul a -- a malled cider pineapple cocktail. virgin for the kids. a little rum for the grown ups. >> that's very nice. i love the way it's presented. >> and then my favorite thing, obviously we can be thankful every day of november. >> how about all year-round. there's a concept. >> so we'll make a calendar, very easy. do it with a pin board or a frame like we did here. and an envelope for every day. you drop in a little something. beach vacation, a great one this summer. new cat. you. >> adorable. that would be fun for children.
>> and you can also wait and open it together before the big meal. >> what's she on? >> i don't know. >> gold is the color, huh? >> i'm very excited about this. thanksgiving is the meal where how it's served, how your table looks is just as important as how the food tastes. >> so we have a woodsy chic theme this year. we're going to bring a little of the outdoors in. and the star of the show is gold. everything from the cutlery to the china and crystal, gold is hot so we're starting with that. and instead of doing just one big bouquet in the center of the table, we're doing something different. a multitiered set up. and we're using cake stands to vary the height. >> clever. >> these are the harvest vegetables that we've spray painted with a little gold. and then to make our votives and our vases this is easy.
this is burlap -- outdoorsy -- burlap from the graft store and ribbon. >> very pretty. >> so you definitely want to bring in the outdoors with your place cards, too. >> adorable. >> oh, look. this is cute. beautiful. >> they're letter pie crust cutouts so you can add inspiration. >> love that. >> and then for the kids, because there's always a kiddy table, we'll make oversized acorn and leaf place mats. >> are these little stickers? >> yes. all the adults can catch up while the kids decorate. >> we love it. >> thank you. >> happy thanksgiving a little in advance. tomorrow we'll talk about questions and answers for men and we'll make crafty cocktails. and we're finally going to have your ipad thing or ipod, whatever it is. ihoda. it